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Information and articles regarding domestic violence and the prevelance in communities throughout the country. 


Tamworth hairdressers helping cut out domestic violence

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TFSS calls for domestic violence early intervention

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A place to remember victims of domestic violence

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Victims urged to turn tables

Story on the Staying Home Leaving Violence Program.

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Powerful photograph aims for social change

Tamworth Family Support Service aims to raise awareness of domestic violence.

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Funds to fight domestic violence

Story on the government funding an additional $41 million to tackle domestic violence.

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Plan to tackle violence

Story on the draft domestic violence action plan for the Tamworth Community.

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Domestic Violence  - A story of courage

One woman's courage to leave a violent situation.

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Domestic Violence Statistics

One in four Tamworth women experience domestic violence. It might sound like a frightening statistic but it is fact according to those on the frontline. That’s one in four women in the office, one in four women on the sideline of a children’s soccer match or one in four women at the local coffee shop.

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On the spot AVO's

Victims of domestic violence will be able to get immediate protection with sweeping laws that come into effect from May 27th 2014.

Read article on on the spot AVO's.