Preparing your application

Take the time to prepare to give yourself the best chance of success.


1. Read the position description

The position description describes the tasks and responsibilities of the role. It includes selection criteria which are the qualifications, skills and experience required to successfully carry out the role.

Before you apply, read the position description to determine whether the job is right for you and if you have the right skills and experience for the role.


2. Address the selection criteria

A covering letter, or statement addressing the selection criteria, is your opportunity to demonstrate you meet the essential requirements of the position. Your letter should clearly state which position you are applying for and succinctly address the selection criteria listed on the last page of the position description. Your letter should be no more than three pages.

To assist the reader, you may wish to use each of the selection criteria as a separate heading. Under each heading explain how your qualifications, skills and experience enable you to meet the specific requirements of the role. Use examples and emphasise relevant achievements.


3. Include an up-to-date resumé

Your resumé should be up to date and provide an overview of your work experience, educational qualifications and professional development. It is also beneficial to include skills and experience gained outside of paid employment that may be relevant to the position. Your resume must include three referees which we may contact.


4. Watch the following video for more helpful tips

5. Contact us if you have any questions

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