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Family Preservation Program

Currently offered in these postcode areas: 2340, 2380, 2352, 2346, 2355, 2347, 2381.

What is the Family Preservation Program?

Family Preservation Program is a voluntary, early intervention program based in Tamworth and Gunnedah that works alongside young people and their families where there is an identified risk to a child or young person’s safety, welfare, or well-being. 

The program is designed to support families to stay together—to prevent the escalation of concerns for children and young people transitioning into the statutory child protection domain. The program works with each family for 12 months. 

The Family Preservation Program is flexible, tailored, and may include a number of approaches. Our wide range of strategies and activities support four key areas of the child or young person’s life:

  • strong and safe families
  • positive growth and development
  • engaging in education
  • healthy minds and bodies.

How are families referred to the program?

There are 2 possible referral methods:

  • Referrals are made by the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ). 
  • The program is also able to accept a number of referrals from the community. Some examples of who this might include are Schools, Community Health or other service providers 


  • Children from 0-17 years at the time of referral
  • Child is not in Out Of Home Care
  • Child lives in Tamworth or Gunnedah local council areas
  • At least one child and one carer are willing and able to participate.

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