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November 30, 2023

A simple act with a lasting message

Earlier today, community members from all walks of life came together to raise awareness and give a voice to victim-survivors of domestic abuse based on The Clothesline Project.

This free event was hosted at Curtis Park, run in partnership with Pathfinders with support from University of New England (UNE), FM100.3, Mosiac Cultural Connections and more.

Originating from America, The Clothesline Project helps improve awareness of the impact of interpersonal violence, while celebrating the strength and resilience of victims-survivors.

TFSS Manager Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (WDVCAS) Jasmine Chaffey said the hope with this event was to provide impacted community and family members with a platform to share their voice.”

“We need to give a voice for all victim-survivors of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse takes many different forms, compared to what is reported across society.”

Pathfinders Specialist Homeless Services (SHS) Coordinator said: " It is an uncomfortable discussion but it is one that needs to happen, as too many people suffer Domestic Violence and it goes un heard off or unspoken about and this event is created to try and break that cycle. “

On the day, community members are given an opportunity to write a message on a different coloured shirt. The different coloured shirts relate to a particular type of violence:

  • Brown or grey: Survivors of emotional, spiritual, or verbal abuse
  • White: Someone who died because of violence.
  • Black: Assaulted because of a disability, or disabled as an attack
  • Blue or green: Survivor of incest or childhood sexual abuse
  • Red, pink or orange: Survivor of rape or childhood sexual abuse
  • Yellow: Survivor of physical assault or domestic violence
  • Purple: Someone attacked because of their sexual orientation

“We are very thankful to everyone who attended and supported this event. We are looking forward to hosting similar events in the future,” said Ms Chaffey. 

If you or anyone you know is experience domestic abuse and needs support, please contact 1800 RESPECT.