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April 05, 2022

New partnership to promote access to services

Transport and accessibility are one of the main barriers Tamworth Family Support Service (TFSS) find with community members trying to access our service.

A new partnership with Tamworth City Library will help address these issues.

TFSS will offer a fortnightly ‘drop in’ community hub at Tamworth City Library, located at 466 Peel Street.

TFSS Community Development Officer Rebecca Butler said that the drop in hub will help connect community members with information about essential community services.  

“We hope that the relaxed and informal environment would help break down the stigma and barriers associated with accessing support services.”

“We are thankful to have had the support of Joblink Plus, Bumbirra, Aboriginal Employment Strategy, Justice Health and Flourish attend our community hub last Tuesday.”

This partnership started when library staff were identifying several people coming to them for support, but without the specific knowledge of where to refer them, or how to help.

Tamworth Library Early Childhood Literacy Officer Kelly Makepeace said the partnering with TFSS will help staff provide the best service possible to the community.

"The library seems to be a first place of access for people, especially for new residents."

“On the days where the hub isn't operating, library staff will be equipped with a services directory to point people in the right direction,” said Ms Makepeace.

The next ‘drop in’ community hub session will be on Tuesday 19 April from 10am until 12pm.  

For more information on the wide range of services the Tamworth City Library offers, visit